MEA Communications provides strategic support to clients with diverse goals. Services include writing, editing, media relations, content creation for social media, campaign development, editorial planning for print and online publications, and design and layout.

About MEA

meA writer and editor with 20 years of experience, I began MEA Communications in 2010 to supplement my career as a journalist. Since then it has been my privilege to work with a variety of clients, from artists to academics to corporate executives. I love telling their stories.

My first paid writing gig was covering the commercial fishing industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. This was pre-social media, so most of my time was spent interviewing sources, writing and editing stories, and establishing relationships with traditional media outlets. (I also spent many early mornings eeling, crabbing, and hand-tonging for oysters with local fishermen.) Over the years, I have built on this foundation while working for newspapers and nonprofits, in higher education and health care, and along the way have embraced the ever-changing media tools and channels used to reach diverse audiences.

If you would like assistance with your next project, whether it’s developing a social media campaign, ghostwriting an article, or writing and distributing a press release, I am here for you. Message me and we’ll get started.

-Maryellen Apelquist