“Ms. Apelquist possesses a powerful sense of communication strategy and an ability to implement with perfection. Within a few weeks of working with me, she simply acquired my voice. As president and dean of Vermont Law School, I had to write introductory pages to alumni magazines and newsletters, fundraising appeals, and statements for the press. After a brief period of observation, Ms. Apelquist took on all that writing with an amazing ability to decide the right message, the right tone, and an uncanny accuracy as to what I would have said in that situation had I had the time to write it myself. She wrote in a style so much my own that my own wife complimented me on columns she wrote. I couldn’t have asked for a better thought partner on communication issues.”

-Marc B. Mihaly
Former President and Dean

Vermont Law School

“I highly recommend Maryellen for any and all communications needs. She is deliberate in her approach and precise in her style. Her breadth and depth of experience is delivered with a refreshing candor. She is easily one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

-John D. Miller Jr.
Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications
Vermont Law School

“I have been very impressed with Maryellen’s ability to capture my ‘voice.’ She is able to translate a brief interview or conversation into a cogent message that captures my intended meaning. She is a good listener and understands complicated issues quickly.

Maryellen is skilled in strategic communications—she develops the right message at the right time to the desired effect—and effective at crisis communications. She utilizes her creativity and multiple media to reach targeted audiences.”

-Daniel A. Bennett
President and CEO
Gifford Health Care

“Gifford is fortunate to work with Maryellen. Her creativity allows our messaging to be successfully modified for a variety of audiences, and her writing style captivates. I appreciate her honesty and the direction she provides on the best avenue to achieve our goals. Working in health care, the timelines and to-do list are always a moving target. She understands this and creates a high-quality product.

Maryellen is well connected and respected in her field. Her conversation style is a healthy mix of humor and honesty that makes the working relationship real.”

-Ashley Lincoln
Director of Development, Marketing and Public Relations
Gifford Health Care

“Maryellen is a talented graphic designer who provided her expertise with communications and a colorful and appealing presentation, contributing to the success of our Randolph in Motion Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Activities Guide.”

-Mary V. Richter

Randolph Economic Development Council

“Maryellen, I will try to put into words what working with you to make this book a reality has meant to me. These words seem completely inadequate for what you have done. I have sincerely and wholeheartedly enjoyed the time spent with you to put my book together. As a result of your expertise and professionalism, I have learned a great deal. With you, this book has evolved into a successful project and presentation—well above my imagination.

You truly have been a joy to work with and little did I know that not only was I getting an awesome, dedicated and professional editor, but also someone who is cheerful and fun to be around, and most importantly a true friend for life.

Thank you so much, Maryellen. You made this scary and uncertain project fun and exciting. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to work with you to make this book a reality.”

Jean Barella
60 Feet of Courage”