Scenes from Vermont

Early October 2011: Fall colors emerging
June 2011: Lush views and baby goat sightings
Green Mountains as seen from our road

Rocking steady at a nearby farm

Finally Beginning to Look Like Spring Around Here (May 1, 2011)
The homestead
Hammocks are even more comfy when they are handmade by someone you love.
Signs of life
Exploring Quechee Gorge

Still Thawing Out (April 2011)
Chipmunk and I enjoyed some sunshine today, finally, and a balmy 56 degrees.
Sweet, pudgy cheeks

The Not-So-Big Thaw (March 2011)
Sap lines mean syrup in my belly … soon.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Home is that way.

First spring issue of a favorite cooking mag.

Quiet light at the meetinghouse.

Mt. Ascutney — nearly snow-free.

The Big Dig.

Bee stops giving chase — for a minute, anyway.

Moving Water 1.

Moving Water 2.

Moving Water 3.

Look, Ma. No snow boots.


Icy Afternoon (March 2011)

The homestead (February 2011)

Welcome (December 2009)

Slightly Mangy Snowman (January 2010)

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