Hi. I’m Maryellen. I love scraps. 

Think leftovers; the yummy gunge on the bottom of the pan; the stuff that insists on sticking around; the scribblings of loved ones, faded and worn thin (the scribblings, not the loved ones); recipes from your mom and your grandma, written decades ago and bearing the stains of their culinary creations. They are all scraps. And I love them. 
When not consuming scraps, contriving to get more scraps, writing and reading scraps, I go about my business in the great state of Vermont. The wood stove never catches a break. 

It’s been nonstop nesting since January 2009. When work doesn’t get in the way, I bake. Then bake some more. Then maybe make dinner. And bake again. I will talk about all of this earth-shattering stuff here, on my blog, a diary of sorts giving voice to my Vermont life, scraps and all. If you like to bake, if you like to cook, if you like to eat, if you like snow (or majestic green mountains … or golden fall foliage), if you like tales of folks blindly starting over in life in their 30s, I hope you will stick around and let me know what you think, what you bake, what you cook for those you love, what model shovel you have. I really want to know.

By the way, some of the scraps, AKA my recipes, are inherited, some original, some adapted from the bajillions out there.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. So glad I came across your blog Maryellen .. I've also returned to comfort & warmth of the kitchen this winter. I look forward to trying some of your lovely scrumptious recipes and perhaps I'll jump back into trying bread .. for many moons ago, I took the plunge with yeast and think it's time to get reacquainted. Hoping you're well up there in beautiful, snowy VT. Hello, from the seashore! ox Erin


  2. Hi there: It's good to see you here, Erin, and I'm happy to read that you, too, take comfort from your kitchen. What good things do you enjoy cooking up at the seashore?


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